Third Party Services for network marketing companies

3PL Services

3PL for MLM / Network Marketing CompaniesDedicated, Turn Key 3PL solutions for Network Marketing Companies, Entering the Ukrainian and the Former USSR markets.
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Representative Services

Atlantic Link can establish your operation in Ukraine or CIS Atlantic Link will represent your interests and establish the perfect operation to suit your exact needs for both, market entry and long term in country presence.
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Market Development

Business Development for MLM / Network Marketing Companies Atlantic Link will assist you in Entering, Establishing and Developing your Business in your chosen country.
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3PL, Representative services & Market Development for MLM / Network Marketing Companies in the Former USSR.

Atlantic Link Services
As experts in establishing Turn Key representative services for MLM & Network Marketing companies, Atlantic Link offers a complete range of services from Company Registration and Representative office services, through quick and cost effective Product Registration to complete Customs operations and Distribution, allowing you to completely focus on developing your Network of Distributors and establishing your Brand to flourish and become a great success.
At Atlantic Link, we’ve made MLM / network marketing product distribution our core business – so you can focus all your time and attention on establishing your strong distributor networks, and find your Diamonds and Top Leaders.
When you outsource to Atlantic Link, you convert the worries, costs, and complex details that go with product distribution to a proven partner with years of experience. You gain instant access to a dedicated MLM / Network Marketing 3PL, it's trained people, and efficient processes.
The Outsourcing Institute compiled the following reasons:
? Reduce your operating costs
? Improve your company focus
? Gain access to world-class capabilities
? Access to internal resources
? Deliver the right image
? Bring control to complex issues
The Smartest Allocation of Your Resources
Successful Network Marketing businesses focus all their resources on core strategic activities. Atlantic Link makes this possible – by relieving you of the hassles that go with managing, distribution, meeting product delivery deadlines, and coordinating thousands of operational details. Atlantic Link will take the pain out of your successful Market Entry.
Atlantic Link Helps You Control Your Costs
Outsourcing to Atlantic Link makes sense because it saves you time and money. With Atlantic Link, you don’t have to invest or maintain any expensive equipment or resources that are surplus to requirements.
Atlantic Link understands that for network marketing companies the main focus should be on Sales, Marketing, Networking, Event organization and Commissions payments.
There are many obvious reasons for using 3PL and outsourced services and the industry is growing. Atlantic Link's 3PL services are dedicated to the MLM / Network Marketing sector for the Former USSR markets.

To reap outsourcing’s greatest rewards, both client and vendor must trust each other. The Confidence Game, CIO Magazine – Oct. 15 2001
The ability to forge, manage and sustain strategic sourcing relationships is increasingly critical to competitive success. – “How to Engage in a Strategic Sourcing Relationship”, By Les Blumberg
At their best, outsourcing relationships can go beyond just reducing costs to create real value? The two parties must trust each other, even when the stakes are high. – The Confidence Game, CIO Magazine – Oct. 15 2001
A good working relationship requires constant evaluation and readjustment if it is going to produce economic rewards? Those rewards will be much larger if both sides focus on cooperating to create value over time. – The Confidence Game, CIO Magazine – Oct. 15 2001
Partnerships are here to stay. In fact, if one were to poll the top 100 business leaders in any industry, I’m sure they all would agree that partnerships are an absolute necessity in today’s business climate. – “Partnering Today”, By Michael A. Berta Ph.D.
Every organization has limits on the resources available to it. Outsourcing permits an organization to redirect its resources, most often people, from non core activities toward activities which serve the customer. – Survey of Current and Potential Outsourcing End-Users, The Outsourcing Institute 1998
Save time and money and skip a few headaches by letting someone else fill your orders. July 06, 2001 By Dan Blacharski
Asset turnover, as measured by return on assets, equity, or investment, grows substantially when facilities and equipment are removed from the equation, and when significant investments in hardware and software can be avoided.
Getting Outsourcing to Work in the Supply Chain
By Robert Sabath
Supply chain outsourcing is generally expected to be the single strongest direction within the supply chain community during the next ten years.
Getting Outsourcing to Work in the Supply Chain
By Robert Sabath
Businesses are being challenged by the need to increase their competitive advantage while decreasing operating costs and improving performance. In the most cases, outsourcing has provided a state-of-the-art solution to the problem by allowing enterprises to accomplish the following three critical goals:
1. Concentrate on their core business.
2. Reduce total costs.
3. Meet higher customer expectations.
Outsourcing Your Supply Chain Management
By Timothy W. Purkis