Third Party Services for network marketing companies

3PL Services

3PL for MLM / Network Marketing CompaniesDedicated, Turn Key 3PL solutions for Network Marketing Companies, Entering the Ukrainian and the Former USSR markets.
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Representative Services

Atlantic Link can establish your operation in Ukraine or CIS Atlantic Link will represent your interests and establish the perfect operation to suit your exact needs for both, market entry and long term in country presence.
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Market Development

Business Development for MLM / Network Marketing Companies Atlantic Link will assist you in Entering, Establishing and Developing your Business in your chosen country.
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3PL for MLM / Network Marketing Companies

Why 3PL
This is a simple question that can be answered by looking at what your priorities are when establishing your MLM / Network Marketing Business. We feel you will want to focus on introducing your Corporate Brand, establishing awareness of your product strengths and USP's and developing your Network of Distributors and most importantly locating your Diamonds and Top leaders, this has to be your total focus and support structure required to achieve this should be left to Atlantic Link, we will make sure your goods are in country and stored safely and securely at it's stock, then Atlantic Link will make sure your goods are easily accessible through your pick up points and of course delivered safely and securely to your clients door step, this is all backed up by the required inventory management system you have us implement, by linking directly to your Back office systems, your back office will simply send a file to our sales order processing system which will dictate what products need to go where, whether door 2 door or to one of your pick up points, again leaving you to take care of sales and marketing.
Product Collection or Product Receipt
Once your goods arrive to the target market by your chosen transport method, be it by sea, air, road or rail, Atlantic Link will make sure your goods are safely delivered into the Customs Warehouse and then make sure the goods are safely transported to it's 3PL stock. Atlantic Link will transfer your goods to it's centrally located Stock, which is strategically located close to your pick up points, once this has been completed an inventory of the goods will be finally carried out, an inspection of the goods to make sure there is no damage and a report to you with relevant information on your goods.
Customs Planning and Customs Liaison
Everyone knows that duty rates, customs clearance, and entry processes differ from country to country and can be very complex in the Former USSR. Tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management can create confusion and increase costs. Atlantic Link has a great advantage in this area, because we will register your products and will make sure that the correct harmonization codes are applied, thus ensuring the best and most accurate Customs Duty Tariffs apply.
Atlantic Link maintains a very close working relationship with Customs and it keeps right up to date with all changes and new Customs laws through it's team of licensed customs brokers.
Customs Clearance
Atlantic Link, the 3PL for the MLM industry, will receive your goods, clear customs and distribute your goods directly to your distributors or product end users. Atlantic Link will hold your goods after customs clearance and will then deliver to client address which will be delivered in an electronic file directly into our Sales order processing system, this file will be based on orders and details entered into your on line sales shop, your clients will pay online by CC directly to you and Atlantic Link will deliver your goods from it's stock and notify you of stock levels and advise when you need to ship more goods.
Bonded Warehousing
Atlantic Link can organize Bonded warehousing for your goods, goods can be held without Duties or Tax's for a specified period of time, labels can be applied whilst goods are held in Bond.
Label Application
Atlantic Link can create, print and apply labels to your products that conform to the MOH regulations of all CIS markets, all labels are fully approved and can be applied in customs bonded warehouses or at the Atlantic Link 3PL warehouse.
Removing Goods From Customs
Atlantic Link uses it's staff and vehicles for removing goods from customs and then delivering to it's warehouse facilities in the Centre of Kiev, Ukraine.
Delivering Goods To 3PL Stock
After collecting your goods from the Customs warehousing, Atlantic Link transports your goods to it's stock, were it will be stored in secure and safe surroundings.
Unpacking & Packing Services
Atlantic Link offers tailored scalable contract packaging solutions to meet your multiple brand needs. We have combined our industry standard packaging services with strategic partnerships with leading industry packaging design firms. The results are the highest quality packaging and displays created.
Our contract packaging capabilities include:
? Primary and secondary packaging
? Display pallets and shippers
? Display packs
? Promotional packaging
? Rainbow pallet assembly
? Clamshell and blister packs
? Variety packs
? Label application
Door 2 Door Delivery
Atlantic Link believes that sending parcels quickly and efficiently is something both senders and receivers appreciate, it strengthens the image of the sender and encourages the receiver to order again, but often, getting a guarantee of when your delivery will arrive can be hard. With our 48-72 hour parcel delivery arranged via one of the couriers here at Atlantic Link you could get that promise along with your parcels and letters delivered by a set date.
48-72 hours, or two- three days is the typical delivery time when ordering from many online suppliers, so to offer this industry standard service Atlantic Link makes sure it constantly works to achieve this and reaffirms your commitment to Quality of Service.
Damaged Goods Control
Atlantic Link takes great care to minimize and damage to gets it handles, however it can happen by accident either whilst being handled in Stock or in transit. Atlantic Link operates strict damaged goods control, accurate identification of all damage and prompt reporting to you, so action can be taken to make the correct claims.
Stock Insurance
Atlantic Link can provide insurance services if required, if your Global Insurance coverage Atlantic Link can provide you with any documentation required to conform to your policy conditions covers your goods or, if required Atlantic Link can arrange Goods insurance.