Third Party Services for network marketing companies

3PL Services

3PL for MLM / Network Marketing CompaniesDedicated, Turn Key 3PL solutions for Network Marketing Companies, Entering the Ukrainian and the Former USSR markets.
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Representative Services

Atlantic Link can establish your operation in Ukraine or CIS Atlantic Link will represent your interests and establish the perfect operation to suit your exact needs for both, market entry and long term in country presence.
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Market Development

Business Development for MLM / Network Marketing Companies Atlantic Link will assist you in Entering, Establishing and Developing your Business in your chosen country.
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Chosen Market Development

Market Development

Atlantic Link will assist you in the development your chosen Market in the most efficient and effective way possible. Atlantic Link can offer a Full Turn Key Solution to market entry, From Goods in country, total in country distribution and pick up points through fast and cost effective product registration and establishing your brand and locating your leaders and developing your Network, however Atlantic Link can also simply offer you it's 3PL services.

Market Entry

If you are a new entrant into any of the markets we're active in, namely, the former USSR markets, then please talk to us for a complete range of services we offer. Our expertise in these markets can significantly assist you in identifying the key steps to market entry. We are dedicated to the MLM & Network Marketing Industry.

Our services typically include:

? Regulatory conformance and registration handling in particular Complete Product Registration
? Finding of reputable distributors and importers for your products in the CIS regions we are active in
? Complete end-to-end supply chain and freight management
? Pricing and market research
? Marketing materials and packaging design and printing
? Strategy quantification and proposals

Product Pick Up Points

Customer Pick Up Points and order management services.
Atlantic Link will offer you the use of it's Pick Up points - smart, efficient points represent your image and help promote a professional face that will further solidify the message that is behind your company. Clearly signed centrally located pick up points allow your clients easy access from all major public transport points, making it as easy as possible to "Drop In" and pick up there goods. Your Network Leaders can use these Pick Up Points to hold small meetings and also use them to give information and take details of people interested in joining your Network.

Payment Management

Payment to Order and on to Cash receipts
Atlantic Link understands that supply chain and fulfillment of e-commerce orders can be a burden to our clients. We have therefore designed a service that simply allows you to scale your payment systems, beginning from Credit Card payments to Cash payments at our pick up points and Bank transfers, therefore allowing you to maximize your payment options for your market channel. Our service allows you to focus on the main aim of the e-commerce venture, which is naturally to generate as much business as possible. After receiving the order, hand it over to us and consider the rest done.

Web Site Development And Localization

Atlantic Link will localize your global site by creating iteration in the local market language, this iteration of your global site will allow your clients to obtain global information, product information and to purchase goods that are held and distributed by your 3PL Atlantic Link.
Atlantic Link will also translate and localize your back office so your Network can view and manage there genealogy and take part in all promotions and have access to all corporate information such as Global Gatherings.

Social Media Marketing (VK, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter ect)

Atlantic Link will work with your internal marketing department or marketing agency to obtain designs and messages you wish to be portrayed through Social Media (VK, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter ect). Atlantic Link will manage social media campaigns designed to attract top leaders to join and build strong downlines, campaigns will also run to ensure product and corporate awareness and end user purchases.

Translation And Adaptation Of Marketing Materials

Atlantic Link will perform and manage all aspects of the translation, localization and adaptation of your marketing materials.
Atlantic Link will ensure that your message is delivered in a way that is understandable for the target market, if your material is simply translated word for word it will have a negative impact on your reputation and will lead to people labeling you as not taking the market seriously. The correct and tailored marketing approach will attract your Diamonds of tomorrow.

Video Re-Production

Atlantic Link, will fully re-produce, translate and localize your product, promotional, sales, compensation plan and business videos, by using our own facility. Atlantic Link will employ the best-recognized voice over artists and then once the Videos are re-produced it will create the relevant web presence such as your dedicated YouTube channels.

Video Production

Atlantic Link can create your corporate and promotional Videos from scratch if required. Atlantic Link has extensive experience in scripting, designing, filming and creating many localized videos for the Network Marketing industry.

Comp Plan Creation

Atlantic Link can work with your marketing professionals and business managers to localize your Compensation plan, so as to maximize the impact on the chosen market. The compensation plan will be tailored so it delivers clean and clear information on your newly created packages. Atlantic can also carry out comparison research, to ensure you are competitive against your market competitors.

Event Management

Atlantic Link has extensive experience in Event creation and Management. Atlantic Link can organize small, medium and large events. Atlantic Link can organize initial meetings with Press, official bodies, Government and official country launch channels and then it can work with you through the stages of Pre-launch to Launch and also arranging more intimate meetings with Industry leaders.

Distributor Recruitment

Atlantic Link can assist with the process of Distributor recruitment. Atlantic Link can place advertising in the most relevant and industry related journals, Web Sites, Portals, Blogs and social media outlets that are frequented by industry professionals. Atlantic Link can promote your corporate message and ensure you reach your target market.k can promote your corporate message and ensure you reach your target market.