Third Party Services for network marketing companies

3PL Services

3PL for MLM / Network Marketing CompaniesDedicated, Turn Key 3PL solutions for Network Marketing Companies, Entering the Ukrainian and the Former USSR markets.
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Representative Services

Atlantic Link can establish your operation in Ukraine or CIS Atlantic Link will represent your interests and establish the perfect operation to suit your exact needs for both, market entry and long term in country presence.
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Market Development

Business Development for MLM / Network Marketing Companies Atlantic Link will assist you in Entering, Establishing and Developing your Business in your chosen country.
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Representative Services for MLM / Network Marketing Companies

Representative Services

If you are planning on starting a Network Marketing (MLM) business in Ukraine, Atlantic Link will help you register a company on a turnkey basis. You can take full advantage of our expertise and best practices in providing registration and consulting services. We will help you make the right decisions at any stage of registration so that the registration procedure becomes quick and easy for you. Atlantic Link can register businesses of any organizational form, including limited liability company (LLC), private company (PC), private or public joint stock company, general partnership, Ukrainian subsidiaries or foreign representative offices in Ukraine.
Company Registration
Atlantic Link will establish the perfect solution for you when registering your company. Atlantic Link will tailor the corporate documentation that comes with a company including tailoring the companies statute fund so it meets your exact needs and will not need to be changed as your activities grow and become more varied. Atlantic Link will make sure all governmental regulations are met and all corporate responsibilities are taken care of.
Directorial Services
Atlantic Link can provide full directorial services. In Ukraine and the Former USSR Markets it is required to employ at the very least, a Director and an Accountant, Atlantic Link can establish the perfect set up required to operate your representative office in the most cost effective way possible, by placing it's people at your disposal to fill these required positions. Once you have your operating representative body in place you can begin to broaden your business and begin to accept different forms of payment as you will have bank accounts set to receive payments in country. Your Nominal director will oversea this and your nominal account will manage all required government reporting and financial reporting into your head office, again allowing you to focus on establishing a successful Network Marketing Operation in Ukraine and the Former USSR Markets.
Product Registration
One of the most important elements in entering the Markets of the Former USSR is successful and accurate Product registration. Atlantic Link has extensive experience in the sphere of Product Registration. Atlantic Link has registered many different products in many different areas, from Medical and Pharmaceutical to Food Supplements and Slimming products, Atlantic Link can register products in any specified category, such as Sports and Performance. Atlantic Link can typically register a product within 4 weeks and at a very reasonable cost, registrations in Ukraine last for 5 Years and in Russia they never expire, Atlantic Link will register your products under license from you and all certificates and registrations are the property of the client. You do not have to be a client of Atlantic Link's 3PL Services for them to register your products; this is a service that can used independently of all other services offered.
MOH Certification
Atlantic Link will always obtain MOH certification following successful product registration, these certificates can be displayed in your web presence and can form a very serious part of future marketing campaigns, one of the most frequently asked questions will be "Can you provide a copy of your Certificates of Registration". MOH Product registration certificates prove the seriousness of your commitment to the long-term development of the chosen market.
Rep Office Establishment
Atlantic Link has extensive experience in establishing Representative offices for it's clients. Atlantic Link can open and establish your complete Representation in any of the former USSR Markets. Atlantic Link can locate the right premises for you; equip the office and recruit staff as required.
Required Staffing
Atlantic Link can provide all the required staffing based on your requirements, however in the early stages of establishment Atlantic Link can give access to it's staff including an Accountant and Director if required, this will keep costs to a minimum whilst the business network is being established and expanded.
Financial Management
Atlantic Link can provide financial management and financial reporting as required. Atlantic Link will operate a sales order processing system in it's pick up and delivery points, so all goods ordered via the internet from your Web Site will be either collected by the client or delivered by Atlantic Link Door 2 Door, these orders along with client information will be sent directly into our sales order processing system and full reports will be sent back to your system confirming the goods have been collected or delivered so any commissions can be paid. All reports can be fully tailored or new reports created as requested.